Are Recessions Always This Busy?

Piggybacking on the “Busy is Good” post, I have continued to remain incredibly busy since the beginning of the year. I would have to say that I am not personally experiencing the downside of this recession yet and I hope that continues to hold true. I’m not one to “knock on wood” but I am also keenly aware that everything could melt-down tomorrow. But I have to say that I almost feel guilty when people ask “how’s business?” with a trepidatious tone and a hanky ready to wipe up the puddle of tears that is surely ready to pour forth as I confess all the horrors of dried-up business and clients gone belly-up and all I can say is, “I’ve never been busier.”

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Busy Is Good

January 30, 2009 by · 1 Comment
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I’ve found myself caught in the enviable quandary of not being able to update my blog due to an increase in business. I’ve had three unpublished posts sitting unfinished since the middle of January and haven’t had the time to really develop the thoughts out the way I would like. For me, posts do not usually fall into place (with the exception of this one) because I am forcing myself to post something–even if it is “thrown-up” so to speak.

It also seems ironic that the busier I am and not able to finish blog posts, I seem to get more ideas of potential good ones. For example, I’m just itching to write another post about AppleTV with all the news out the last week and a half about it. The only problem is that if you don’t sit down and start writing right away, specially if it involves breaking news regarding technology or politics, your final post–when you get around to finishing it–won’t be as fresh and relevant, not to mention, other news can break that might render your unfinished ideas and points moot anyways. So, the pressure is on to strike while the iron is hot and get that post finished.

In the meantime, back to werk!