Trademark Infringement of Mascot Logo! Texas High School Gets Mauled by Penn State

Buna H.S. infringing on Penn State Nittany Lions logo

Buna H.S. infringing on Penn State Nittany Lions logo on their helmets

Like many high schools with little budget and no clue as to what institutes true trademark infringement, Buna High School in Buna, Texas had been “assured” by a local sportswear vendor that using this cool cougar image would be perfect and different enough than Penn State’s Nittany Lion logo that they would be safe in using it. Not sure what alternate universe this sportswear vendor was in when they were viewing the Nittany Lions’ logo because it was a rip-off all the way to the same color, but I’m sure they felt some sense of protection in the relative obscurity of being a small high school in the middle of Texas (actually they’re closer to the coast, northeast of Houston) that no one would notice that they were using someone else’s registered trademark for their school mascot. But…someone did, and that someone notified The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) in Atlanta, GA, who just happens to manage the licensing of trademarked merchandise for many high-profile NCAA schools and is also charged with enforcing the protection of the trademarked Nittany Lions logo of Penn State in particular. A curt Cease and Desist letter was promptly sent to the small high school with the requirement that they immediately remove the logo from all their uniforms, paint over walls with the logo and stop using the logo for any other printed material or clothing.

Penn State Nitanny Lions Logo vs. New Buna High School Cougars Logo

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Random Razor Rant: I Need More Blades In My Razor

June 10, 2010 by · 9 Comments
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22 Blade Razor!
I finally caved in and bought a Gillette Fusion 5-blade razor last week. I’ve been using an old Mach 3 for I’ve lost track of how long (at least 15 years!). I’ve been in rebellion against the ridiculously high prices of razors and typically overuse my razors until they start to feel like flesh-ripping weasels. Then I head off to Costco and marvel at the insane thought of paying over $40 for a bazillion-pack of razors and chicken out and go to local supermarket or Target and get a 4-pack for the ridiculous price of $9+. My rebellion may have backfired last week in that I was looking for the cheapest option of blades but let the seductive siren-song of a 5-blade Gillette Fusion tempt me and I determined to get out as cheaply as possible (buying price–not per unit price) and I bought the slick new new razor handle along with two new blades on sale for only $6!

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