68 Tips +1 for Google+ N00bies

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Google+ Guru

Reposted from my Google+ post here: http://bit.ly/pwg9zr but with the addition of one extra tip:

I’ve been on Google+ for over 4 days now. I officially proclaim myself a Google+ Guru!

Here’s my 68 tips for Google+ N00bies:

1. Post on Facebook that you don’t yet have a Google+ invite

2. Post on Twitter that you don’t yet have a Google+ invite

3. Beg for Google+ invite from a guru (like me) on either Facebook or Twitter

4. Recieve Google+ invite

5. Join Google+

6. Post on Facebook

7. Stay on for at least 4 days.

8. Proclaim yourself a Google+ Guru

9. Post in Facebook profile

10. Post in Twitter profile

11. Post on Facebook that you’re a Google+ Guru

12. Post on Twitter that you’re now a Google+ Guru

13. Post on Facebook that Google+ is the demise of Facebook

14. Post on Twitter that Google+ is the demise of Facebook

15.-67. Keep alternately and repeatedly posting on Tweetdeck to Twitter and Facebook accounts simultaneously.

68. Occasionally post to your Google+ account when you remember

*extra tip 69. Re-post Google+ post on your blog.

Oh, and don’t forget to +1 this article!


Virtual Water Cooler Talk

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Last Friday morning I was at the Coeur d’Alene Online Marketer’s Group monthly meetup at Calypso’s Coffee in downtown Cd’A enjoying a remote presentation by Matthew Ray Scott on “Virtual Business” (did I get everything?), and during the presentation Matthew mentioned that while there are many benefits to being able to work from home, that he still needed a virtual water cooler environment (yes, I know that I am violating one of Matthew’s recommendations to get rid of the word “virtual”, but for this story it applies). I had just been thinking about that very thing yesterday and realized that my combination of IM (iChat) and Twitter (Twitterific) sort of filled that need but I was trying to put my finger on what was missing that you receive from a real water cooler environment (besides cooler water).
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