68 Tips +1 for Google+ N00bies

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Google+ Guru

Reposted from my Google+ post here: http://bit.ly/pwg9zr but with the addition of one extra tip:

I’ve been on Google+ for over 4 days now. I officially proclaim myself a Google+ Guru!

Here’s my 68 tips for Google+ N00bies:

1. Post on Facebook that you don’t yet have a Google+ invite

2. Post on Twitter that you don’t yet have a Google+ invite

3. Beg for Google+ invite from a guru (like me) on either Facebook or Twitter

4. Recieve Google+ invite

5. Join Google+

6. Post on Facebook

7. Stay on for at least 4 days.

8. Proclaim yourself a Google+ Guru

9. Post in Facebook profile

10. Post in Twitter profile

11. Post on Facebook that you’re a Google+ Guru

12. Post on Twitter that you’re now a Google+ Guru

13. Post on Facebook that Google+ is the demise of Facebook

14. Post on Twitter that Google+ is the demise of Facebook

15.-67. Keep alternately and repeatedly posting on Tweetdeck to Twitter and Facebook accounts simultaneously.

68. Occasionally post to your Google+ account when you remember

*extra tip 69. Re-post Google+ post on your blog.

Oh, and don’t forget to +1 this article!


JEB Commerce Identity Design and Rebrand Complete

JEB Commerce Window

We’ve been applying the finishing touches on a branding overhaul that Whitestone Design Werks created for JEB Commerce which we announced last September. In that post, our intent (both JEB Commerce and WDW) was to highlight the whole process step by step for the benefit of other businesses considering what it would take to re-invent their identity and infuse their brand with a new fresh, life. Well, the best-laid plans of mice and men…

As a consolation, we are now providing highlights of the new identity system and how it has been applied across the board to all of the collateral pieces needed for conducting a successful business. After showing what was originally being used by JEB Commerce after the jump, we’ll show the new identity living and breathing in all of it’s new environments.

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Baking a MacBook Pro Logic Board Video

May 9, 2011 by · 90 Comments
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This was too awesome to pass up. A link to this video was posted in the comments section of my blog post Cooking The Books (or Baking my MacBook Pro Logic Board) by Roland who’s IP showed him from Montreal. He did an awesome job putting together this accelerated video (on his revived MBP) that compresses the whole experience into a little over four minutes that’s made even more entertaining by a nice soundtrack: Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim.

Roland is now one of at least 15 people that have commented on my blog posts alone (up to at least the writing of this post) that have successfully baked their logic boards. Only one person has experienced anything like a fail, but there were other indications that it wasn’t the same exact issue that I had originally posted about.

I hope to post again excerpts of some of the success stories for more encouragement and also possibly something to show Apple that they need to rethink their policy in expanding these symptoms to the Nvidia 8600M issue or creating a whole new category. Normal users shouldn’t be expected to have to go through this trouble to repair something that wasn’t their fault to begin with.


Announcing VINeleven at the Napa Valley Marriott

VINeleven at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa

I’m very excited to see the launch of The Napa Valley Marriott’s redesigned lobby and restaurant that they have name VINeleven next week. Whitestone Design Werks is proud to have been chosen to design the new identity that will be used throughout the hotel and restaurant. Their official “Release Party” is an invite affair to be held on Friday, May 6.

VINeleven Bar at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa

Looking forward to getting down there and will posts pics of the logo in the live environment along with a little bit of the story behind the design.

If you get a chance to visit Napa Valley soon, be sure to drop in and enjoy a taste of the fruits of Napa Valley.


My MBP is Officially Hexed—But There’s Hope!

March 31, 2011 by · 19 Comments
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Apple House of Voodoo Store

It took me awhile to get this posted. Not sure if it was the fact that I’ve had an incredibly busy month or that I was just tired (it is getting a little old) of posting how many times I’ve had to bake my MacBook Pro now—six for anyone whose counting (hence the clever “hexed” title). I’m getting more than a little self-conscious about mentioning it now, specially when you read further and find out how my n00bness has more than likely contributed to this multi-bake syndrome. I’m really only posting this for the benefit of those who will experience the same issue or similar and that they might avoid my fate—so read on.

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